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Need a ride to your health care visits? Let us help you get there. You can get rides to KanCare (Medicaid) services we cover.


Just call Member Services at 1-855-221-5656 (TTY: 711). We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What rides does your plan cover?

What rides does your plan cover?

Ambulance rides 

If you have no way to get to the hospital during an emergency, call 911. We cover ambulance rides on the ground in a medical emergency for all members.


Nonemergency medical rides


We work with Access2Care to offer you rides for your nonemergency medical needs. You can get a ride for visits to your:


  • Proveedor
  • Dental provider
  • Behavioral health care


There are no limits to how many rides you can use. 

Extra support with rides


To support your overall personal wellness, we also cover certain non-medical rides. These include unlimited rides to and from:


  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) eligibility appointments
  • Prenatal classes during pregnancy
  • Farmacia


You can also get up to 12 roundtrip rides (total) per year to:


  • Job interviews
  • Job training
  • Food banks or grocery stores 
  • Shop for work-related clothing
  • Senior services
  • Community health services

When to ask for a ride

When to ask for a ride

Ask for a ride as early as you can, and at least three business days before you need it for regular trips. 


Sometimes you may ask for a ride with less notice, like:  


  • Pickup after discharge from a hospital 
  • Trips to the pharmacy to pick up medication or approved medical supplies 
  • Trips for urgent conditions (not emergencies but severe or painful enough to need treatment within 24 hours)


Need to cancel your health care visit? You’ll want to let us know before the approved and scheduled trip. 

How to set up a ride

How to set up a ride

Be sure to ask for a ride at least three business days before you need it. Just call Access2Care at 1-866-252-5634 to schedule your ride.  


Have this info ready when you call:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your pickup address
  • Your phone number
  • Hora de la cita
  • Type of transportation needed (example: regular car, wheelchair-accessible van, etc.)


Have an urgent need for a ride? 


If you need a ride sooner than in three days, just call us at 1-855-221-5656 (TTY: 711). We can help you set it up.

Plan ahead for long-distance trips 


Do you need to travel long distance to see an in-network provider? If so, we may offer coverage for your ride. These trips must:


  • Be for a medically necessary visit
  • Have prior authorization (PA)
  • Be set up at least three business days before your appointment


Coverage for lodging and meals


You may get reimbursed for lodging and meals during your trip. This includes up to $75 per night for lodging. For meals, you can get $45 per day for an inpatient stay and $20 per day for an outpatient visit. Are you traveling with an attendant or guardian? Their meals and lodging are covered too. 

To get reimbursed, your trip must:


  • Require an overnight stay 
  • Be for KanCare-covered services
  • Have prior authorization


Questions about lodging or meal reimbursement? Just call Member Services at 1-855-221-5656 (TTY: 711). Ask to speak to your care manager or service coordinator.      

Ride tips to remember



Get help from an attendant


Do you need someone to go with you? If you do, we’ll cover these ride costs for up to one eligible adult.

Mark your calendar 


Remember to mark your calendar for the date and time of your appointment. You'll want to be ready 30 minutes before your driver is due to arrive.

Be aware of travel requirements for children  


  • Aged 14 and younger: Must have a parent, guardian or other authorized adult with them 
  • Aged 15 to 17: Must have a parent, guardian or other authorized adult with them or have consent from one of these on file to travel alone 

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