Beneficios de valor agregado

También ofrecemos algunos beneficios adicionales para ayudarle con su salud y bienestar. Para recibir estos beneficios adicionales, los miembros deberán mostrar su tarjeta de identificación de Aetna Better Health of Kansas. Consulte la siguiente tabla para conocer los beneficios adicionales. No se necesita autorización previa.

Para saber cómo obtener los beneficios adicionales o si tiene alguna pregunta, llame al Departamento de Servicios para Miembros al 1-855-221-5656, (TTY: 711). Tenga en cuenta que no existe el derecho a queja ni apelación para los beneficios de valor agregado. Aetna Better Health of Kansas ofrecerá beneficios adicionales durante la vigencia del contrato.


Each household can order $25 per month of certain over the counter (OTC) drugs and supplies from an Aetna Better Health of Kansas catalog.  Your monthly supplies can be ordered online or by phone. They are mailed right to your home.
You can place an order at the following link:

OTC Catalog

A complete set of dentures can be provided every 5 years for those who are active on the Frail and Elderly (FE) ,Physical Disability (PD) and Intellectual/
Developmental Disability (IDD) waiver programs.

Members 21 years and older receive $500 per year for dental services. It can be used for dental exams and cleanings twice each year, annual bitewing X-rays, fillings, extractions and fluoride treatments.

The Healthy Rewards Incentive program where members can get up to $35 in gift cards when they complete wellness activities such as vaccines, yearly check-ups, HbA1C tests, chlamydia screenings and cervical cancer screenings.

Free Android Smartphone with 350 free minutes per month, 1 gigabyte of data per month and unlimited text messaging for members 18 years and older. 

Pregnant members are encouraged to make early and frequent prenatal and postnatal visits. The PROMISE Pregnancy Program includes:
·        A redeemable reward of $75 for the first prenatal visit within the first trimester,(within 42 days of plan enrollment and with notification of pregnancy to the Health Plan).
·       A $10 gift card if you have a dental checkup during your pregnancy.
·       Visit your doctor 7 times before delivery and once after your baby is born to earn a $35 gift card.
·       Visit your doctor 8 – 10 times before  delivery and once after your baby is born to earn a $55 gift card.
·       Visit your doctor 11 or more times before delivery and once after your baby is born to earn a $75 gift card.
Rewards can be used at specific retailers for approved wellness items such as a stroller, portable crib, play yard, car seat or a diaper and wipe package.

Free rides for members going to the pharmacy, WIC eligibility appointments and prenatal classes. Twelve (12) round trips per year for members to job interviews, job training, shopping for work type clothing, food bank or grocery store for food, senior services and getting community health services otherwise not covered.

Acceso a MyActiveHealth para obtener herramientas de autogestión de la salud, registros personales de salud, evaluaciones de salud y asesoramiento sobre el estilo de vida.

Members on the FE, PD, Brain Injury (BI) and I/DD waivers can receive up to 16 hours of hospital companionship per year provided by their personal care service worker while the member is in the hospital.

Members on the following waivers: I/DD, PD, FE, BI or the waiver waiting lists who own their own home, can get up to $250 per calendar year for pest control.

Two podiatry visits per year for members with diabetes age 21 and over.

Up to 120 hours of respite care per year for members on a waiver waiting list for Home- and Community-Based Services. (Must be approved by the member’s case manager).

Members on the LTSS waiver waiting list eligible for respite care are provided one background check per year for a personal care services worker.

Members 21 years and older with a medical need who have been discharged from an inpatient stay after 7 days in the hospital  receive up to 2 meals per day for up to 7 days.   

Members ages 0-18 with an asthma diagnosis and adult members with moderate to severe Asthma and currently on the following medications: Cingair, Dupixent, Xolair, Fasenra, Nucala will be offered an air purifier based on pharmacy utilization. The benefit is to help lower the chance of an asthmatic attack. (One-time benefit.)

With CampusEd, members ages 16 and up, can get their GED and learn new job skills at no cost. Members who want to complete their GED will have access to specific prep courses, assistance in scheduling exam and a voucher to pay for the exam.  Plus, members interested in expanding their job skills will have access to over 3,000 resources in Health Care, IT, Business, and other trades. CampusEd provides career services support, resume assistance, opportunities to earn digital badges to show experience, and access to a local network of employers currently recruiting employees.

No Place Like Home Grant is a program that supports community-based organizations assisting members to access or maintain housing. Funds provide one-time emergency housing assistance to help keep members in their home or to establish a new home in the community.

Membership to a 12-week class from the University of Kansas Weight Management program on healthy eating, exercise and behavior change.

Members age 5 to 18 can get up to $50 per year for activities at participating YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

For members from newborn to age 12. Member incentives include activity book and $10-$15 gift cards (up to $75 annually) for meeting identified goals.